Network F Supporting the adaptability of firms and employees to structural economic changes and the use of information technology and other new technologies.
Project name Maturity Makes Use of Knowledge
Project number F0640

Project description

The main objective of the Project is to improve adaptability of defense industry workers aged over 44 and adjust their skills to the requirements of information society and market-oriented economy. This will be achieved through the use of innovative vocational development tools.

The Project will involve promotion of continuous development among employers and employees from the defense sector as a way to improve skills and minimise the risk of redundancy. It is vital to encourage mature workers to improve skills, as they are often accustomed to traditional work patterns and trades.

The Project will involve 356 participants, including 214 women. The Development Partnership will carry out tests to identify the desired path of career and personal development of employees. Test results will serve as a basis for appointment of advisory group members, who are to be trained as mentors. Training plan will be prepared upon identification of beneficiaries' training needs. Training sessions will be delivered out of employees' working hours. Several individuals who do not own a computer at home will have an opportunity to hire a laptop for use during the training. It is envisaged to set up 30 training groups of 12 trainees each. Every participant will be given on average 450 training hours.

The idea behind the Project is to provide "44+" employees with appropriate conditions and enable them to learn skills that are required for introducing changes at their job positions. This goal is to be achieved using a three-prong approach targeted at mental, methodological and IT aspects. Beneficiaries will be provided with necessary knowledge of change management issues and psychological support in the form of training programmes intended to improve their adaptative and interpersonal skills. This is expected to enable them to create innovative solutions and processes for an enhancement of efficiency at work.

Custom designed improvements and processes will focus on innovations intended for job positions of the beneficiaries. Expertise and skills from training events will enable the employees to perform efficiently at their existing or new job positions, actively shape their working environment and find a new job if dismissed.

The Development Partnership is preparing a model system for vocational development of "44+" workers from defense industry. In order for these activities to be effective, it is crucial to overcome employees' mental barriers associated with improvement of qualifications and learning new skills, as well as reservations concerning the use of hands-on expertise accumulated throughout their careers. Training programmes and psychologist's advice will help them to redefine their occupational strengths and capacities. Aware of their mental predispositions, they will participate in training events to prepare them for new job positions and missions in defense industry and elsewhere. The matching of employees' needs and local labour market requirements will be vital. Training will focus on learning jobs that are sought after by employers, job seeking abilities and self-employment.

The Development Partnership will elaborate a model HR strategy for the defense industry. Pilot stage solutions will include: recruitment, post induction, job descriptions, performance evaluation, career path planning, in-house training, financial incentives, mentoring and model outplacement system. According to Project promoters, the strategy should be designed for application by all joint stock companies of the State Treasury as a basis for their HR policies and to establish uniform policy review measures on the central level. Like in the case of business plans, the enterprises would be obliged to submit personal strategy for the next years.

The Partnership is planning to establish a network of links between "44+" employees of defense industry involved in the Project. Joint activities are not limited merely to the sharing of information about the progress of the Project. Above all, they will contribute to the exchange of good practice, experience, knowledge transfer, etc. To this end, a platform of fast communication between all Partnership stakeholders will be established to serve as a system of resource and training administration and discussion forum. In addition, the platform will support the stage of initial IT training.

Outcome dissemination will involve seminars hosted by the Partnership for "44+" employees of defense industry other than those directly participating in the project, workers from other sectors of the economy, local communities and representatives of central government administration. Newsletters, posters and leaflets will be printed. News about the Project will be published in press media and the Internet.