Network G Reconciling family and professional life, as well as the reintegration of men and women who have left the labour market, by developing more flexible and effective forms of work organisation and support services.
Project name Work and Life of Dignity for Women Victims of Violence
Project number G0590

Project description

The Development Partnership was established with a view in creating model solutions to help women-victims of violence (unemployed, in danger of job loss and those convicted for aggravated crimes against their persecutors) to improve vocational skills, enter and reenter the labour market and reconcile their household and occupational obligations. Moreover, the Project is intended to promote among the employers the idea of equal opportunities and flexible forms of employment.

Due to physical injuries and mental trauma from family violence, female workers tend to perform worse at work, take doctor's leaves more often than other workers, are late at work, etc. As a consequence, their rating as workers is low and they are likely to be dismissed.

According to surveys and consultations made by the Partnership under Activity 1 with final beneficiaries, assistance organisations and employers, an integrated model combining psychological and legal assistance with various forms of occupational integration activities is required in order for a system of social exclusion prevention and occupational integration of women - family victims victims and those convicted for killing their persecutors to be effective. The system will be based on local coalitions of institutions involved in counteracting violence against women and ensuring their occupational integration. The coalitions formed in the three centres of the Project (Warsaw, Łódź and Lubliniec) will include as members trade unions, women's organisations, labour offices, welfare centres, the police, law enforcement institutions, medical services and vocational development companies.

The Project partners and local coalition members will work out standards of dealing with family violence victims. Employers, who are instrumental in occupational integration of victimized women, will gain under the Project an in-depth knowledge of family violence and equal opportunities of men and women and thus will be better prepared for developing a conscious employment policies taking into account problems encountered by women. Employer will be motivated to introduce flexible forms of employment by awareness and promotional activities (seminars, publications, mass media campaign) and encouraged to participate in the "Women-friendly Company" competition. A mechanism of support to children care (provided by kindergartens and nurseries with the involvement of volunteer workers) will be established.

The Development Partnership is planning to develop a comprehensive psychological, legal, social, educational assistance and counseling programme intended to help in overcoming barriers encountered by violence victims, enhance educational profile, improve skills and prepare for starting a new business. The psychological assistance programme will involve innovative therapy methods based on theatrical activities.

The Project will benefit from a new methodology of vocational skill development: so-called blended learning method that combines e-learning with traditional approach to education, e.g. in computer courses. This will be particularly important for women detained at Lubliniec Penitentiary. A group of women will be prepared for starting their own business. They will benefit from an innovative approach to training and counseling activities, combining training in groups with individualized advice.

As a result of the Project, a social enterprise will be established as an experimental form of transition employment, making it possible to integrate or reintegrate women with the labour market.

Thanks to Partner cooperation with labour offices and employers' association the Project is expected to provide the beneficiaries with effective job finding assistance and placement/ internship opportunities.

Project beneficiaries, employers and representatives from various workers' associations will join activities delivered under Activity 2. They will: (a) participate in workshops for various trades and develop performance standards; and (b) beneficiaries will participate as experts in coalition workshops and trade organisations, they will be invited to the meetings of Steering Committee and Partnership Forum as advisors.

The dissemination of good practice and its inclusion into mainstream policies will be achieved by hosting seminars and workshops for employers and representatives of other professions, conferences, CD-ROM releases, publication of printed materials and screening a documentary about the Project, press announcements, cooperation with mass media and a contest for the employers.