List of Results


“e-barometr” - portal for prognosing possible dangers to enterprises
“Fair Play Employment” standards
An integrated model of bringing unfavoured youth into the job market – The Development Support Centre (DSC)
Assistance system for prisoners
Centre for Organisation of Local Social Entrepreneurship (COLPS)
Coaching as a method of vocational and social activation in three sectors of the economy
Coherent model of support for national social economy as a mechanism of local development including marginalised communities
Company model of protection of the equal rights of persons with disabilities in the employment in the open labour market
Competence balancing
Complementing the therapeutic process of persons addicted to psychoactive substances through training, vocational practice and supporting courses
Comprehensive model of support for crafts
Comprehensive support and vocational training preparing victims of trafficking in people to actively enter the labour market
Dual model of vocational and activating training for long-term unemployed persons and members of their families
Education and integration model for persons applying for the refugee status
Education path for mentors and peer-mentors for disfavoured groups
Empathy – the local model
Establishing the national model of cooperation between judiciary institutions and the NGO sector supporting the process of social re-adaptation and vocational activation of prisoners and former prisoners
Flexible Work Promotion System
Functioning model of a local social economy entity based on business activity of an NGO
Functioning of a social enterprise (social firm) and supporting institution (Centre for Social Economy) in the public services sector. The methodology of vocational activation of mentally ill persons and long-term unemployed from rural areas
ICT training wortal supported with self-diagnosis tool regarding IT skills
Increase in the Professional Activity of the Disabled
Integrated system of maintaining employees aged +45 in the labour market, based on the job coaching methodology
Job rotation
Limiting the threat of social exclusion by providing employment on positions compliant with the expectations of employers, education corresponding to the professional work of the beneficiaries and their participation in psychology and sociology workshops
Local system of early detection of problems in the district labour market
Management model for equal chances enterprises
Methodology of providing comprehensive support to local NGOs and preparation of its components for practical application
Model helping persons with mental health problems enter the open labour and education market – regardless of their ability to use the available offers following their disability certificates
Model of balanced Work-Family activation: local partnerships for persons taking care of dependants
Model of comprehensive assistance to children and parents
Model of counteracting the discrimination of employees aged 44+ using innovative IT tools with complete database of procedures and methodology facilitating analyses and training
Model of ecological business activity for NGOs
Model of establishing a thematic village
Model of establishing forums for cooperation and exchange of information supporting the social and vocational integration of families with unemployed members and persons seeking work, accompanied by interdepartmental support groups and partnerships
Model of establishing social cooperatives involving the participation of local commune governments or under their patronage, including the participation of local NGOs and persons with disabilities
Model of family assistants and their functioning
Model of Information Society Education Centres Network
Model of institutional support of vocational activity and entrepreneurship of the Roma. The concept of the Roma Centre of Vocational Activation
Model of introducing persons discriminated against to the open labour market by establishing and managing social cooperatives and work in those entities.
Model of knowledge and supporting services transfer supporting micro-enterprises
Model of preparation of teaching tools and materials used in training courses using the e-learning method, developed for employees of SMEs and managerial staff, as well as the teaching process involving the method
Model of social and vocational reintegration of socially excluded young persons (leaving penitentiary institutions and community homes)
Model of Social Economy Incubator
Model of social enterprises operating in a franchise system
Model of support for persons after psychological crises in the local community – Local Partners’ Cooperation System
Model of supporting flexible forms of employments and principles of distance working for persons taking care of children and dependants
Model of the local vocational and social activation support network for the homeless and persons threatened with homelessness
Model of vocational activation and social reintegration of women experiencing violence
Model of vocational activation of persons threatened with social exclusion
Model of vocational activation of the Roma through support of the establishment of integration social cooperatives
Model of vocational and social activation of autistic persons
Model of vocational preparation: training – practice – work (apprenticeship-based)
Model of work for animators-caseworkers dealing with persons most threatened with social exclusion
Model system of activities helping improve the vocational situation of the Roma community
Model System of Knowledge Management in Firms
Model system of support aimed at maintaining the employment of persons aged 50+ in shipbuilding industry
Model Training, Consultation and Practice Centre “RENOWATOR”
Modular system of integration and prevention of migrants’ exclusion from the labour market
Multidimensional system of vocational training preparing prisoners to enter the open labour market
Non-Governmental Career Office. A model institution promoting and supporting employment in the third sector
Package of tools supporting independent participation of the disabled in social and professional life
Partnership intervention for the development of local services under the method of integration manufactures. Model of limiting unemployment through the creation of new jobs
Propagation of the model advisory institution and model solutions for social enterprises and promoting good practices in the area, particularly activities improving the professional situation of mentally ill persons
Simulator of benefits from the use of flexible employment forms
Social cooperative for persons with disabilities as a manner of counteracting the vocational passivity of the social group
Social enterprise deeply rooted in the local community: key legal, organisational and institutional solutions
Social Support Point – model of monitoring the beneficiaries’ progress in programmes/ projects focusing on helping persons with addictions and the homeless return to the labour market
Special Municipal Social Zone. The peripheral centre.
Streetworking – the first step to the social and vocational integration of the homeless
Support system for social economy initiatives, including the active participation of unemployed and marginalised persons – implemented in 3 local environments: rural communes, urban communes and central provincial cities
System of leaving family unemployment in rural areas
System of supporting the process of natural staff fluctuation including elements of knowledge management and improving the professional qualifications of the Final Beneficiaries
System of vocational activation through temporary work, based on certification of skills
Techniques and instruments of influencing the employers, aimed at the development of social responsibility awareness in the context of employment of the disabled, as well as instruments providing knowledge in the area of employment of the disabled
The “Platforma e-Dialog” IT system
The MORS model – Międzyresortowy Ośrodek Rehabilitacji Socjopsychiatrycznej (Interdepartmental Centre of Socio-Psychiatric Rehabilitation)
Training and education models for SMEs regarding green technologies
Unemployed sportspersons activation tool
Work Promotion Centre – model of implementing flexible employment solutions