Result name Techniques and instruments of influencing the employers, aimed at the development of social responsibility awareness in the context of employment of the disabled, as well as instruments providing knowledge in the area of employment of the disabled

Result description:

Public labour market institutions pay limited attention to providing employers with information on opportunities to utilise the existing support instruments when employing the disabled. The employers could use the available instruments if only they had sufficient information on the existing opportunities in this area. Alas, at present, the information policy is implemented to a limited degree, and so its effects are insufficient. The purpose of the deliverable is, firstly, to increase the awareness of employers in respect to employment of the disabled, secondly, to intensify the activities of professional counsellors in public and private labour market institutions and, thirdly, to eliminate reluctance of employers to give work to persons with vision dysfunction.

The deliverable includes a manual for institutions operating on labour markets, together with a description of tools for influencing the employers. The manual facilitates obtaining employment offers by the disabled, and includes, among other things: response letters addressed to employers looking for employees through press advertisements and Internet portals; a newsletter - electronic bulletin regarding the project, focused on the issue of employment of the disabled; a guide regarding meetings with (visits, interviews and presentations) and telephone calls to employers. Additionally, a manual has been prepared regarding the organisation of workshops for an integrated group (including employers, and the disabled and their carers), as well as a specialist publications on the issue of employment of the disabled. An important part of the deliverable is the information campaign in the media, support system for employers in the first stage of employment of the disabled, a set of template documents, and a system of professional apprenticeships.

The deliverable may be used by public as well as private institutions operating for the benefit of the labour market. It would be worthwhile to consider using the services of an expert in the employment of the disabled (or the plenipotentiary for the disabled), responsible for active dissemination among the local employers of the information on the state policy in respect to employment of the disabled in every public labour market unit on the local level or in every self-government unit. The information campaign should be initiated by an expert establishing contacts with the employers. During the implementation of the deliverable it is necessary to develop a system of financing the activities of labour market institutions carrying out the aforementioned activities, to design the promotional campaign, to acquire the employer base, and to constantly support the employers during hiring and adaptation of disabled employees (in particular persons with motor disabilities and vision dysfunction) and professional apprenticeship arrangement. The necessary implementation expenditures include funds for the salary (of an expert, plenipotentiary of the disabled), costs of publications, and costs of the development of the promotional campaign.