Model of work for animators-caseworkers dealing with persons most threatened with social exclusion

The model of animators’ work includes a broad scope of activities such as individual support, training, vocational workshops or vocational, psychological and business advisory services, thanks to which the final beneficiaries – persons belonging to groups threatened with social exclusion – gain the skills and motivation to actively operate in the labour market. The result includes tools facilitating the training of animators, training programmes and procedures of establishing partnerships with local organisations acting for the beneficiaries.


Model of social enterprises operating in a franchise system

Thanks to the implementation of the proposed model persons threatened with exclusion from the labour market gain access to the necessary knowledge, tools and capital and support in the process of establishing social enterprises. Initiators of such enterprises operating on the basis of franchising contracts use a well-known and established brand, which helps decrease the business risk of the new initiatives. The system of franchise cooperatives contributes to the development of a given region and helps create new attractive jobs.


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