Job rotation

Job rotation is an innovative tool used to support the development of enterprises, improve qualifications and create new jobs. The implementation of the system stimulates development and growth of competitiveness of enterprises (improvement of qualifications of the personnel, access to new and reliable employees), exerts a positive influence on the situation of employees on the job market, and contributes to the increased activation of the unemployed.



Due to their inability to work in the modern business environment older employees are particularly exposed to the risk of job loss. Persons aged 50+ fear the competition of young people, proficient in the use of modern technologies. The model of introducing changes to organisations – INTERMENTORING – has been developed to change the unfavourable situation. The model fosters the mutual, highly effective transfer of knowledge between employees aged 50+ and –35, and consequently helps improve the internal relations within an enterprise, improve the competences of employees, ensuring greater stability and increase the effectiveness and competitiveness of the whole enterprise in the market.


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