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Centre for Organisation of Local Social Entrepreneurship (COLPS)

Centre for Organisation of Local Social Entrepreneurship comprehensively supports the vocational activation of long-term unemployed, particularly self-organisation of workplaces and undertaking their own business activities, e.g. within social cooperatives. Thanks to the opening of COLPS beneficiaries may find the so far dispersed instruments and actions of various labour market institutions in a single place.


Propagation of the model advisory institution and model solutions for social enterprises and promoting good practices in the area, particularly activities improving the professional situation of mentally ill persons

A model interdisciplinary advisory institution offers support services for new and existing social enterprises employing mentally ill persons. The result includes the methodology of effective cooperation among the group of experts and a detailed description of the whole advisory process. Four model enterprises, combining both business and social aspects have also been established.


Results Database Community of Practice Gender Mainstreaming The EQUAL Community Initiative was financed by the European Social Fund and directly by the budgets of the participant states.