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Model of comprehensive assistance to children and parents

The model programme of comprehensive assistance helps provide care and rehabilitation support to parents of disabled children. The solution is adapted to the needs of the children, but also – very importantly – it also caters for the professional needs of their parents. The disabled beneficiaries participate in psychomotory, social and education classes which help prevent the further growth of their disabilities and social isolation.


Unemployed sportspersons activation tool

The developed solution helps sportspersons return to the labour market after ending their sports careers. The tool for the activation of unemployed sportspersons includes two complementary elements: advice cycle and training package. Within the activation programme the sportspersons and the First Contact Advisors define the problems which hinder the beneficiary’s functioning in the open labour market and jointly work on the solution and path of action. A training package has also been prepared, including courses in sports-related business activities, e.g. management of sports organisations or sports marketing.


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