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Model of establishing a thematic village

Thematic villages are places established according to jointly developed ideas (e.g. the Hobbit Village, the Healthy Life Village). Within the proposed model the inhabitants of a given town or village undertake actions within a single specialisation, using the existing development factors of a given village and discovering new ones. Thematic villages help activate whole rural areas, rather than single beneficiaries, and assist their entering the market.


Support system for social economy initiatives, including the active participation of unemployed and marginalised persons – implemented in 3 local environments: rural communes, urban communes and central provincial cities

An important element of the proposed result is the functioning model of the Social Economy Centre, a specialist social institution, acting in a systemic way to establish and support social economy initiatives in local environments and develop methods of their financing and cooperation with local partners, particularly the business sector. The system fosters the establishment of social enterprises and local cooperatives, activating the members of a given local community.


Results Database Community of Practice Gender Mainstreaming The EQUAL Community Initiative was financed by the European Social Fund and directly by the budgets of the participant states.