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Functioning of a social enterprise (social firm) and supporting institution (Centre for Social Economy) in the public services sector. The methodology of vocational activation of mentally ill persons and long-term unemployed from rural areas

The model of a social firm, employing mentally ill persons or long-term unemployed, operating in the public services sector, is a comprehensive solution fostering the vocational and social activation of the beneficiaries. Thanks to the new skills and qualifications gained during their work in the cooperatives the socially excluded persons gain a chance of complete reintegration. The result also offers the model of the Centre for Social Economy, i.e. an institution supporting - in terms of organisation and substance - the newly established social enterprises.


Streetworking – the first step to the social and vocational integration of the homeless

The streetworking model is a form of support for socially excluded persons outside the social welfare system. Streetworkers work with their charges on an individual basis, thus increasing their chances for social and vocational integration. The tasks of streetworkers include establishing, maintaining and developing contacts with homeless persons who are not staying in social welfare centres, and close cooperation with assistance institutions and intervention services. The model offers a set of tools and procedures helping implement the result.


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