EQUAL Guide for Development Partnerships.

IllustrationThis collection of briefs is designed to offer guidance on the development of successful EQUAL Development and Transnational Partnerships. It is based on the outcomes of a short learning project with a group of eight Development Partnerships (DPs) from across Europe.

The Role of Equal Partnerships in the Development of Social Capital.

IllustrationThe information about the Development Partnerships focused on building local communities, prepairing of the social capital and the strenghteningo of social communication process.

The role of Equal Partnerships in supporting vocational integration of people with disabilities and mental illnesses.

IllustrationThe working is a very efficient way of integration of people with disabilities. This social group is discriminated on the labour market. In this publication we've gathered a discriptions of the Equal Development Partnerships, which prepaired a new activisation methods for the people with disabilities and mental illness.

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PCM Bulletin (september 2007)


PCM Bulletin (june 2007).

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