Sound Planning and Management

Community of Practice on Sound Planning and Management

The new European Social Fund Programming Period requires an implementation of effective management methods and partnership. It is also highly important to build institutional structures to effectively develop and implement new programmes.

In this context, the main reason for establishing community cooperation was the need to promote project management methodology, and Project Cycle Management (PCM) in particular, among managing institutions, implementing institutions, managers of programmes and projects implemented in Europe. The Community includes representatives of managing institutions from Italy, Belgium and Poland and cooperates with representatives from Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.

The Community's priorities are:

  • to share experience gained from previous programmes (e.g. CIP EQUAL) and specific projects;
  • to provide practical learning sets to facilitate solving problems that may appear during project implementation;
  • to prepare people responsible for programme implementation for the new ESF Programming Period.

The Community enables sharing experience and goods practices, provides access to know-how, PCM trainings or specialised workshops (Italy, Belgium, Poland).

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